LaGrange Country Dodge Raises Heroin Epidemic Awareness in Local Community

Raising Awareness In Our Community

LaGrange Country Dodge joins the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce luncheon for a discussion on the rising heroin epidemic in the area and across the nation.

At LaGrange Country Dodge, we are committed to supporting our community and neighbors in the ways we know best: awareness raising and community outreach. We strive to assist in the rebuilding of our local community to the safe and prosperous area that it once was.

Long time residents of the area can remember how hard LaGrange, IN was hit by the recent economic collapse, and how difficult life became for us shortly afterwards. Just like any area that sees economic depression, unemployment and poverty rose to levels that had not been seen in decades. Times of hardship allow drugs and crime rates to flourish in poverty-stricken communities.

Since then, the resilient people of LaGrange have fought hard to reclaim their community from drugs and crime. Though there is still much work to be done, the local labor market is seeing healthy improvements, and poverty levels are on the decline. With much effort, and the support and cooperation of LaGrange residents, the Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies have made tremendous progress in fighting back against the crime and drugs that troubled the community.

However, LaGrange, like the rest of the country, has seen a huge spike in heroin abuse and related crimes. The United States is in the midst of one of the worst booms of heroin addiction that we have ever seen, and, unfortunately, the LaGrange community is not immune to it.

LaGrange Country Dodge wants to help solve this problem. We are joining forces with the LaGrange Sheriff’s Department and the Council for a Drug Free LaGrange to present a discussion on this problem at this month’s Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. The presentation is called “What to do… Heroin is Everywhere”. The purpose of this discussion is to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of heroin abuse, and what we at LaGrange Country can do to help our community rise about this destructive heroin epidemic.

Action is necessary if we wish to keep LaGrange safe and prosperous. The Heroin is Everywhere presentation is one way that we can help inform influential people about the different ways that they can take action. 

The best way to lead is by example. LaGrange Country Dodge recently donated $6,000 to the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department that will go towards the cost of a new drug detection search dog for the K9 Unit.

Coming together as a community to confront the heroin epidemic sweeping our nation is the only way that the LaGrange community will survive these troubling times. Our strength is found in our determination, and our courage is found in the love we have for our community, and our friends, family, and neighbors. As a local business leader, LaGrange Country Dodge gladly takes up the responsibility to keep our area free from the dangers of heroin, and will continue to support the efforts of all of our area's residents and law enforcement in doing the same.

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