LaGrange Country Dodge at Cedar Lake Golf Course

LaGrange Country Dodge at Cedar Lake Golf Course

LaGrange Country sponsors the 18th Annual LaGrange Chamber Of Commerce Golf Classic

As a member of the local business community, we at LaGrange Country Dodge feel we have a responsibility to the local community to encourage growth and prosperity return to the LaGrange area. We believe that local business leaders must collaborate and team up to have maximum,effective, and positive impact on the communities in which they operate. Networking and collaborating through LaGrange County's Chamber of Commerce is the most effective way for community leaders to organize and discuss different ideas for growth and increased opportunity in the community. Monthly luncheons and various other Chamber events help local business leaders to connect with each other, creating partnerships aimed at building up the local economy, benefiting all residents of LaGrange County.

On Friday, September 9th, 2016, the LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce will be hosting its 18th Annual Golf Classic. This event will be held at Cedar Lake Golf Course, with registration starting at 7:30AM and shotgun play starting at 9:00AM. LaGrange Country Dodge will be joining in as a sponsor of the Classic, donating “hole-in-one” prizes for two par-3 holes. One prize will be a new vehicle, with the winner(s) given a choice between a Jeep Renegade or a Chrysler 200. The other prize will be airfare for two anywhere in the continental United States.

As a sponsor of the Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic, LaGrange Country Dodge is excited to help local business owners and entrepreneurs strengthen the economic network of the local community that they have worked so hard to build. With improvements in the financial stability and the increase an employment opportunities of our region in recent years, LaGrange is again becoming the prosperous community that it once was. We respect the innovation, determination, and unfaltering work ethic of the people who call LaGrange County “home”. Those characteristics are the driving force in the area, reclaiming it from the effects of the recent economic crisis that our nation faced just a few years ago. We give our thanks to the business owners who make up the membership of the LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce, and to the hard working people who those businesses employ for their efforts in rebuilding the local community.

LaGrange Country Dodge proudly gives our support to local businesses, law enforcement, and citizens alike, as we all work together to enrich the lives of our neighbors and strengthen the financial foundation that our prosperity is built upon. With concert ticket giveaways for area residents, donations made to the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department, and presentations given on ways to fight drugs and crime in our area, we have already become influential in helping LaGrange County to become a safer and more peaceful place. We look forward to continuing those efforts wherever possible, through both community outreach and our ongoing partnership with the LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce and law enforcement agencies.

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Jeff Planick
I wanted to say a few words about Lagrange Country, because this dealership really did seem to be something special. They operated differently than most dealerships that I personally am used to, and they brought something different to the car buying experience that I was not used to prior. I have been pretty experienced with car dealerships throughout my life, and I can say that I know a thing or two about the car sales industry. I even worked in a car dealership for many years many decades ago.

That reminds me that my experience at Lagrange Country was a lot like how we used to sell cars back in the 1970s. Back then it was just a personable, no pressure, person to person and no pretense type of situation. That was very much what things were like for me at Lagrange. Just very relaxed, very chilled out, and very no pressure. I could not be more pleased with that fact and I really thank those guys for making my experience so pleasant and so easy.

One thing that really stood out for me with Lagrange was how easy it was to get financing with them, and just how great the financing was that I got with them. In my experiences, financing companies work with car dealerships because it makes them money, and dealerships recommend certain options because it makes them money in turn. I was not bullied into a financing plan that I was not comfortable with at Lagrange though. I actually got to pick and choose my very own financing plan and they were totally happy with it too. We were all in agreement on it, which I think is rare with car dealerships today.

I was also quite impressed with the inventory at Lagrange. Most car dealerships try to overload their sales floors with far too many different types of cars, and they never end up specializing in any kind of car. At Lagrange, they specialize in Chrysler, Ram, Jeep, and Dodge. What a great set up! They are able in this way to really specialize in just a few different models and become total pros with those models. They are not trying to gobble up as much money as possible by offering as many different kinds of cars as possible, rather they are just focusing on certain cars and helping people who want those cars to get them.

Lagrange has a pleasant and friendly compliment of staff. This was also a new one to me. Not that I have never seen friendly car dealership staff before, but rather I have felt like I have known individuals who were too friendly if you get my drift. The people at Lagrange were just very, very real people and they just really knew how to help me without being forceful or insinuative. I will gladly be recommending these guys to my friends and family in the future, and I wish them all of the best of luck in their future as a car dealership!
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