One of the Largest Touch Screen Infotainment Systems Can Be Found in Our Lineup of Ram Trucks

Advances and improvements to work trucks don't always come in the form of mighty horsepower and torque ratings. If you're the type of driver who appreciates next-generation technology and gadgetry, then you should really explore Ram trucks further. These models aren't simply stripped-down work trucks ready to handle your rugged commercial farming and construction tasks. They've been crafted with caring eyes and offer touches of comfort and highly-advanced technology that are unrivaled in the industry.

Get There with Ease Thanks to the Available 12-Inch Uconnect 12.0 Infotainment System

The offered 12-inch Uconnect 12.0 system is one of the largest in size in its class and comes equipped with a very handy pinch-to-zoom functionality feature which isn't included on most other infotainment systems. It operates just like your favorite smartphone! Speaking of smartphones, this highly advanced system works smoothly with your personal cell phone through Apple CarPlay support. Hook up your phone and you'll have easy access to your desired content. What difference will this incredible system make to your daily driving? Say goodbye to dreary and dull morning and evening commutes! Whether you're a podcast nut or are the type of Elkhart driver that enjoys cranking your favorite music loud and proud, this highly intuitive system will provide you the ability to tune into your desired driving soundtrack.

What's more, is this system features Navigation technology which is able to provide step-by-step directions to ensure your trips outside the greater Elkhart area are stress-free and as enjoyable as possible.

Look Through Our Ram Trucks Then Take a Test Drive

Ready to make the first move towards getting behind the wheel of a Ram truck and in front of this magnificently large infotainment system? Look through our new inventory and selection of new Ram trucks we have available here at LaGrange Country Dodge. Think you might necessitate a bit more power than the Ram 1500 offers? Check out the Ram 2500 and Ram 3500, both of which offer bolstered performance specs and seriously rugged builds. Want to find out more about this infotainment system? Learn more here and give us a call at (260) 233-9496 to set up a test drive!

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