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Guide to Understanding Vehicle History Reports

Obtaining an accurate, up-to-date vehicle history report (VHR) is an important part of buying a used car. It gives valuable insight into potential issues the vehicle may have, previous owners, and maintenance and repairs. But if you’re not particularly auto savvy, it can be difficult to decipher exactly what a VHR is telling you — and that could lead to a bad buy.

This guide will help used car buyers...
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The Guide to Buying Used Accessible Vehicles

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

If you have a physical disability, finding the right used vehicle is crucial — but it can also be challenging. You want to find the best value without having to make sacrifices when it comes to accessibility and safety. The seemingly endless options are beneficial in many ways, but can make it tough to know where to even begin.

This guide will help you establish what accessibility modifications you may need in…

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Driving to Safety: The Car Owner's Guide to Emergency Evacuation

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


When an emergency evacuation order is issued, there isn’t a moment to waste. It’s crucial to have a plan for getting your family to safety, and in most instances this will mean traveling by car. But it isn’t as simple as gathering everyone into the family minivan and hitting the road — there are preparations to be made long before the evacuation order is given, as well as many…

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