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Driving to Safety: The Car Owner's Guide to Emergency Evacuation

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay


When an emergency evacuation order is issued, there isn’t a moment to waste. It’s crucial to have a plan for getting your family to safety, and in most instances this will mean traveling by car. But it isn’t as simple as gathering everyone into the family minivan and hitting the road — there are preparations to be made long before the evacuation order is given, as well as many…

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LaGrange Country Dodge at Cedar Lake Golf Course

LaGrange Country Dodge at Cedar Lake Golf Course

LaGrange Country sponsors the 18th Annual LaGrange Chamber Of Commerce Golf Classic

As a member of the local business community, we at LaGrange Country Dodge feel we have a responsibility to the local community to encourage growth and prosperity return to the LaGrange area. We believe that local business leaders must collaborate and team up to have maximum,effective, and positive impact on the communities in…

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Post-Event: LaGrange Country Heroin Epidemic Panel

LaGrange Country Dodge and LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department Speak on Heroin Epidemic at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

“What to do… Heroin Is Everywhere” presentation on the rising national opiate problem held at the monthly LaGrange Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

The LaGrange Chamber of Commerce hosted their monthly luncheon on August 11th, 2016, at the Fireside Café in Shipshewana, IN. LaGrange Country Dodge teamed up with the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department to present “What To Do… Heroin Is Everywhere” - a presentation discussing the current rising epidemic of heroin and opiate addiction seen across the United States. Business leaders…

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LaGrange Country Dodge Raises Heroin Epidemic Awareness in Local Community

Raising Awareness In Our Community

LaGrange Country Dodge joins the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce luncheon for a discussion on the rising heroin epidemic in the area and across the nation.

At LaGrange Country Dodge, we are committed to supporting our community and neighbors in the ways we know best: awareness raising and community outreach. We strive to assist in the rebuilding of our local community to the safe and prosperous area that it once was.

Long time residents of the area can remember how hard LaGrange, IN was hit by the recent economic collapse, and how difficult life became for…

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LaGrange Country Dodge to Host Panel on Heroin Epidemic

LaGrange Country Dodge to Host Panel on Heroin Epidemic at LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce Monthly Luncheon

Representatives from LaGrange Country Dodge and the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department will talk about the rising epidemic of heroin in the area.

On Thursday, August 11th, 2016, the LaGrange Chamber of Commerce will host their monthly luncheon for local business leaders. The luncheon will feature a program discussing the local heroin problem, titled “What To Do… Heroin is Everywhere”, with representatives of the recently reopened LaGrange Country Dodge Dealership joining the local Sheriff’s Department and the Council for a Drug…

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